Success Stories




“In June of 2013 my right knee began hurting if I walked over a mile. Doing yoga for several months, I again tried walking in early spring. That was when my right hip began hurting more than the knee had hurt. I did not seek other care, only going to yoga classes to try to stay fit and flexible. I wanted to till and plant my garden in the spring, but was not confident that I would be able to do so.

After an exam and x-rays, it was evident that I had subluxations and my spine was not in alignment. I began getting adjustments 3 times a week and doing exercises every day to work at correcting my problems.

There was much improvement after the first 4 weeks. My overall health has improved so that I no longer need to take medication to control my blood pressure. I am able to walk with no pain in my knee or hip. Dr. Hill knows his profession. He is encouraging and takes the time to answer questions with easily understood explanations.” – Evelyn


“When my left knee popped and began hurting, I came to Dr. Hill because I knew he could help me without surgery. I was using ibuprofen several times a day along with ice and max freeze.

I have followed Dr. Hill’s advice, instructions, and attended workshops to learn more information to make changes to help my health. My knee is almost completely without pain and I am certain it will be pain free soon. Dr. Hill and his office staff are welcoming and cheerful at each visit.

Dr. Hill is patient and positive. He is very knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Hill goes above and beyond by presenting his workshops free to his patients and their guests.”   – Carol


“I had an intense pain that started in my lower back and ran down my left thigh and knee. The pain was so strong when I sat and lay down that it was impossible for me to sleep. I was only taking pain medications prior to chiropractic care.

The pain never went away, it was only minimized.

Dr. Hill guided me through everything that I had to do to get better. I attended all appointments, followed a series of exercises to correct my posture. I also took the shake, detox, and the denneroll daily.

My experience has been life changing! The pain is almost completely gone away and all the adjustments have helped me control my hypertension and diabetes by taking a smaller dose of medication.

Dr. Hill treats patients of all ages. He shows interest towards the well-being of everyone; that is something to be thankful for.” – Sophia


“Before coming to Dr. Hill, I was suffering from frequent migraine headaches, neck stiffness, and tension, and seasonal allergies. I took several different OTC medications for headaches and allergies. I was taking these several times a week!

Through Hill Family Chiropractic, I began the Core 4 system of vitamins and supplements and attended several informative workshops. I also received weekly adjustments and continue to do all of the above. Since beginning chiropractic care, I am no longer experiencing any headaches and my allergies are almost symptom free! I have never felt better physically  and mentally! I am also drug free! I no longer need medication for anything!

Dr. Hill and staff have been crucial to my path to wellness. They are very knowledgeable and up to date on current chiropractic trends. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them! I feel amazing!” – Amy